General services are provided Turkey with our staff in excess of 400 employees.

SUBAŞI was established in 1948 by Mr. Ihap Subaşı, and then succeeded by Ahmet Yahya Subaşı till today to become a Trade mark in Customs Brokerage.



By dedicating the necessary number of staff, supervised by a Licensed Customs Broker, we provide a fast, with high accuracy, error free and high quality service. Assigned Customer representative always available to answer customer requests. We have 66 years of experience and awareness of the sectorial needs for Machinery, Chemicals, Electrical & Electronic appliances, Automotive, Glass production, Food, Drugs and Textiles. Our working principles, ethics and experience made us esteemed among most of the biggest companies in Turkey, therefore they became part of our customer portfolio.

We have full time motorized employees in Istanbul Chemical Laboratory, in Gebze Chemical Laboratory to follow up test results, in TSE (Turkish Standard Institute) Asian side and in TSE European side and in DTS (Standardization for Foreign Trade) to follow up all related operations.
All personnel are SUBAŞI personnel, we do not deal with subcontractors.

SUBAŞI is the first to make a Professional Responsibility Insurance, therefore in case of any litigation for any mistake from our side in customs operations, there will be no delay in customs operation

Within ISO9001:2000 standards, SUBAŞI is regularly audited by “Global Grup Belgelendirme ve Eğitim Ltd.Şti”

All our customers and their companies are covered and guaranteed by a Professional Liability Insurance.